Old Photos Deserve A Home

The honeymoon with Flickr will be over in 4 short days.

When I gave my money to the upstart, I thought I'd see more of a return.

I paid for more than I'd ever use (total use over 2 years: 1.94 Gigs) and the service hasn't improved by leaps and bounds since its acquisition by Yahoo. All in all, I'd say the experience went from really really exciting to flat out disappointing.

The innovative spark has done fizzled.

But where to, next?

I've got over 2000 shared photos. Moving them all is going to be a royal pain in the ass (on account of I've got an IntelMBP, something nobody seems to be able to develop apps for recently) and I still want friends and family to have access.

Zooomr.com seems an interesting place - and they handle video as well. But it's all a bit foggy, what happens a year after this free account status expires and what exactly a Pro Account entails. The blog function's a bit kludgey, too.

(Hey, you guys should think about streamlining. Hire a girl. A designer. Both? Hm.)

So convince me.

Photo 49Photo 49 Hosted on Zooomr