There's something wrong.
I feel it lurking back there.
Over there.


What is it? Which lie to pinned down first? What is it.. what is it. Moth-like and indeterminate fanning smoke screens across my better judgement. Who is it.


So Tony wrote this and I had a little something to say to him. Check out the comments field. Made me laugh.

I think I'll keep writing to him.


This is from a site most people will never visit, but should because it's where some people think the future is coming from:


what if all the books in the Great Fire of Alexandria were all porn?
and they fucking meant it.

What is going on in Utah?

fundamentalist generator. manson-sized notions. spinning out machines-that-are-people testing the market for convertability because people will believe deeper when they've been reformed. The Old Stuff doesn't work anymore. for whatever reason. isn't it always power? no it could be revolution. shut up grant.