Okay I want some people that can act, awesome make-up people, special effects and naked chicks. Lots of naked chicks.

Or: Things Ashton Kutcher, Executive Producer of The Butterfly Effect, Wrote Down In A Composition Notebook.

Listen. I'm all for actors transitioning to the roles they're destined for; convincing other people to give them money.

But I believe a line has got to be drawn; at least in the name of good taste if there's going to be any future for the GOOD actors in that movie (like young Logan Lerman). Someone has GOT to set an example for these upstarts - someone's got to sit Ashton Kutcher down and explain that it's his purpose, his calling to save the Direct To Home Video & DVD business!

Skip it, guys.
Unless it's offered for free. I saw it for free and despite the comfy seats and the occassional "Ooo that was nasty" moment, I can't give this movie much of thumb in either direction.

You'd think a movie with temporal distortion and sharp production values would be GREAT, right? Well I'm sorry to say it just didn't make it, even with all the costume changes, make-up effects and full frontal. (And I'm sorry Ashton but sorority girls? only walk around in their underwear like that in your dreams)

Watch Donnie Darko instead. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.


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