Stick a Needle in Your Eye?... Maybe.

Today I experienced acupuncture for the first time. We had just finished lunch when we noticed there were more people than usual just hanging around in the cafe. As it turned out, because of the "grand re-opening" of the gym at work, free massage, snacks and acupuncture were being offered to everyone that stuck around.

There weren't very many people near the people with the needles.

I like to think I'm an adventerous person, so I sat down, read the brochure about Chinese Medicine and waited to be administered to. In that time I learned all about how the ear is "fetal" and it's part of how the points in the diagram were rendered.
Don't ask me how the rest of it works.
I don't know.
I like a little mystery with my science.

Not too long after I'd read [insert something anti-Western Medicine here; anti not con], a nice woman with a very sedate energy came by with a set of needles for my ears. I had been ogling the other girls sitting nearby and was a little worried. Were my ears built the same way? What if the needles fell out when I said something? Why was it just us girls? Did the guys know something we didn't? Would it hurt?

The million dollar question: Would it hurt? Everybody has that friend of a friend that went for accupuncture and it "hurt like hell" and had a horrifying experience and never went back again.

But ah my friends, the answer is: Not even a little bit. I've had sneezes more painful than what she did to my ears. And what an experience! After the initial zing, yes zing, what happened in the next five minutes was I just relaxed.
After ten minutes I was calm, my heart rate had slowed. At work.
And twenty minutes in? I was zen.

As I sat there in a chair, the nice woman with the needles told me that the reason most people share horror stories is because they haven't done their research.

What I gleaned in my half hour today is that the BIG NEEDLES are a Chinese technique used for the deep tissue method and I could experience "what I might consider pain" but the release I would feel would be incredibly powerful and ultimately relaxing. The kind they recommend for beginners is the Japanese variety that's runs just under the surface.

I'm babbling - I've been impressed. And? I've got these weird little magnets on my ears for the next week. Supposed to help with circulation & concentration & what not.

Anyway - Acupuncture: try it, you'll like it.


At Sunday, February 08, 2009 8:41:00 PM, Blogger Kapri said...

I have always wondered about acupuncture. I never thought it could be that bad. I have always thought it would tickle a bit.
I think I want to try it out now. I'm not sure where to go or how much it cost. But, I'll give it a shot!

Thank you :]


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