Virus Watch: U.S. Bank

From: "U.S. Bank"
Subject Line: Your Account At U.S. Bank Has Been Suspended
Date Sent: 01.19.04

I'm not sure who these people think they're kidding.

Most people know where they bank. They know that their bank doesn't send out e-mail notification unless requested (like a deposit or an on-line checking summary) and they definitely aren't in on semi-national holidays.

U.S. Bank is one of the largest banks in the world (8th on the list, if you were really interested); and what I'm really curious about is who's responsible, ultimately, for the damages done (there are people in the world without a virus stripper): is it geocities? They provide anonymous e-mail accounts. Is it U.S. Bank? What if my name/e-mail address was on some kind of secondary mailing list they bought for direct mail?- does that make them responsible?

Somebody tell me; I'm really, really curious.


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