Sentimental Journey

It's my last sunday in this apartment. Over a year ago I moved to this city, a metropolis I've known .. been juxtaposed with all my life, and I can still walk around corners into places comepletely unknown to me.

I have managed to do it on my own. A year in New York City. I wasn't raped, I wasn't mugged. Nobody stole my identity or my cab on a cold night. Nothing caught fire despite my not having renters insurance. There were no infestations of cockroaches at any point. My plants seem to have thrived despite my inattention to the poor things and I've managed to make some pretty interesting friends.

I haven't had to fight or scrabble and I think I met someone that fits all three categories of the cliff game (is it possible to use the game as a potential dating tool? More importantly - is it wise?) - it's been a good year.

These are some of my favorite pictures from the year as it once was:


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